Welcome to my ¬†website! I am Mazzy Nova. To learn all about me, you’ll have to read David Sheppard’s science fiction novel Robot Dawn: The Mazzy Nova Chronicles. To keep you occupied in the meantime, I’ve put up some of my favorite pictures of Greek archeological sites. They are a part of my heritage.

Happy viewing!

Evening on Santorini

This photo was taken on the island of Santorini at sunset.


This picture is of the ruins of ancient Eleusis, where the Mysteries ceremony was held every fall. Through this ceremony, initiates would be come eternal in the Afterlife once they passed away. Look closely and you can see the entrance to the Underworld in the left side of the mountain.


Rather difficult getting in touch with me. I live in 2070.

The picture on this page is of the ancient temple of Poseidon at Sounion at the southern tip of Attica. But the designation is probably wrong because, according to Homer, a temple of Apollo resided there.